What is an online “Real Tour”?

Our “Real Tours” are online virtual tours, usually of residential and commercial properties. However, unlike some virtual tours available, our “Real Tours” offer the latest technology in realism, maps, interactivity, multimedia, and compatibility (eg. also works on iPhones etc). Visit our website (http://realtexplorer.com.au) to see some for your self.


How can a “Real Tour” benefit a rental unit owner?

Virtual tour = More potential tenants

A property with a virtual tour will turn more of your potential tenants in to interested tenants by virtually transporting them to your property. Standard pictures alone rarely give potential tenants a good idea of the internal space within a property, a good virtual tour will get some people excited about the property that might otherwise have looked right passed it. Also, having a virtual tour for a rental property is very rare. It is likely that more potential tenants will look at the property simply because the virtual tour is available. (These tours will also be marketed from our website to help you expand your reach).

More potential tenants to choose from = Higher rental price & better quality tenants

You can imagine that if you had 10 interested tenants to choose from / negotiate with instead of 5, you would be less inclined to reduce rental rates or settle for a tenant with a bad history. Increasing demand on your property is the key here to raising it’s rental value.

 Higher rental price & quality tenants = Increase in sale value

When you decide to sell a property, having higher paying stable tenants will always make your property more attractive to buyers over other similar properties collecting less rent. Looking at this situation from an investment property buyer’s point of view, your property would be worth paying more for from the beginning if you can offer them an existing and stable high return on investment.


OK, it can benefit me, but isn’t an online virtual tour expensive to do for just a rental property?

When costs start at about $50 per unit (once off), it would be hard to consider this as an expensive investment.

Note: This example is how much it would roughly cost if a complex of 24 units (with similar layouts) were to have a single shared “Basic Tour” priced at $1200 between them. Traditionally only owners putting up large properties for sale have considered outlaying thousands of dollars for a tour. But if your outlay is only $50 as an owner of a unit within a complex, why not also benefit from this new technology as a group?


So how does tour sharing and make it so affordable, and is it still effective?

If all units within a complex have the same layout (or similar), only one virtual tour is required to be created. Regardless of which units are then available for rent or on the market, the virtual tour is relevant as it clearly shows the layout of the unit to give the potential tenant or buyer a good feel for the space within your units, and perhaps the complex’s amenities.


How intrusive will it be to get this done, do I need an empty unit in the complex?

1 to 4 hours on site - The process of taking the images of the property usually only takes between 1 and 3 hours (depending on the package selected).

Empty unit recommended - It is recommended that this is done on a unit (within your group of similar units) when it is unfurnished and untenanted so that your potential tenants and buyers will not be looking at furniture specific to one particular unit. Sometimes this is not possible, so the next best option is to have a virtual tour of a partly furnished but very tidy unit. Even if the tour unit is completely furnished we can put a notice on the tour to explain that the furniture may not be included (and to check the property details).


How long until we can enjoy our tour/s if we order now?

3 to 4 weeks - Our online tours can be created within 3 – 4 weeks. This includes photography, programming, and uploading of your tour/s. Under special circumstances we can prioritise urgent tours for a small fee.


What upfront payments are required and how can we trust you to deliver?

50% now, 50% later - To book in your virtual tour/s we only ask for the first 50% of the package price. We will then completely create the tour and upload it within 3 – 4 weeks. The remaining 50% of the amount will only become due for payment after your tour has been completed. The initial deposit is required for us to partially cover the expenses for photography on site and coding of the tour.


I am not in a major city, how can you come to me?

The only person we need on site at your property is the photographer, and we have a growing number of affiliated photographers nation-wide. Unlike some other companies we will not charge you to fly out a specialist, we will be using our local affiliates from your area.


What features are included in these online tour packages (no extra charge)?

High quality HDR images - We are capable of taking HDR images (High dynamic range) where appropriate. This means that your online tour will be high in quality with dynamic colours and shades.

Interactive Radar map - As people navigate through your property they can see a map, and where they are within it. The map will even show you which direction you are facing and it will let you click on other tour points from it. We can create the interactive radar map as long as we are given at least a rough copy of the floor plan or a reasonably accurate “mud map”.

Interactive tour objects - we can include interactive objects in to your online tour. For example, your viewers can click through to other tour points as they will be visible in each tour (eg. click on a door to enter the room behind it). Other features are also available where the viewer can have music playing, sound effects, videos, website links, even change from night to day (if pictures have been taken for it).

Tours hosted on our site - We will host your tour on our site, we will actively be showcasing your tours on our site regardless of where else you have your property listed. Your tour will also appear on our map-based online tour finder. This finder is a map that helps people to quickly locate nearby properties with online tours available. Featuring your property tour on our site is also an option.

Social network integration - Viewers will be able to “Like” your tour on facebook. This allows the general public to help “virally” grow your property’s exposure.

Tour embedding on other sites - So that you can show the tour on other sites, we will provide “embed” code. This is done in a similar fashion to how youtube provides embed codes to their videos. You can simply paste the code on other sites and your tour will show. We will also show you how to easily link to your tour from other listing sites.

Social network integration - Viewers will be able to “Like” your tour on facebook. This allows the general public to help “virally” grow your property’s exposure.


I want to invest in an online virtual tour for my property / complex, how do we begin?

Here is the procedure to get started-

1)      You must complete the Real Tour order form and return it to us (or to one of our representatives). You must also attach any required documents for your package (eg. floor plan photocopy etc).

2)      The proposed dates for the photography will be checked against our database of local affiliates near you, we will then contact you o confirm availability.

3)      At this point the deposit (first 50% of the online tour package price) is due. As long as the deposit payment has cleared at least 5 business days before the proposed photography date the photography will be booked as planned.

4)      You must have someone available at the property on the proposed photography date. Please allow at least 2 - 3 weeks after the photography date for processing of your new online tour.

That is it! Your new tour will then be ready soon.

5)      Once your tour has been completed we require the remaining 50% due of the tour package price.



Social network integration - Viewers will be able to “Like” your tour on facebook. This allows the general public to help “virally” grow your property’s exposure.


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