Anniversary adventure

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Michael & Anca's Anniversary Adventure - LIVE

(Live Maps below)

"For our anniversary this year we simply want to... "get lost". And against better odds, manage to find each other, again."

What is this?:

This coming week is our 8 year wedding anniversary (and 13 year anniversary of when we met). This page is designed to let you share in our little adventure.

What is happening?:

We are heading to the Gold Coast for the weekend. However, there is a little bit of a twist. We are going to start at different locations on the Gold Coast at lunch time on Friday (21/09/2012), and then wander around to see if we "bump in to each other".  If we haven't found each other (by chance) by dinner time we will call and meet up.

The fun part:

Each of our iPhones will be running's GPS tracker app and our recent positions will show in the maps below. Without cheating (eg. looking at this page) the likely-hood of running in to each other within about 6 hours is quite slim considering the size of Surfers Paradise alone. Even if we manage to check all our favourite places, it would take some co-incidental timing for us to be at any one of those places at the exact same time. We will not be sprinting around, reality TV style. This adventure is not meant to prove telepathic or athletic abilities, or have any mystical underlying meaning. We will just be strolling around keeping an eye out, perhaps frequenting some specific spots that mean a lot to us and see if we gravitate toward each-other for one reason or another.

Why do this?

Even if we don't meet, we will at least have fun looking to see just how close we came, and see which parts of the gold coast we visited during our pursuit.

"For our anniversary this year we simply want to... "get lost". And against better odds, manage to find each other, again."

When does it start?:

Today (about 1pm to 6pm latest, Friday 21st Sept 2012)

The rules:

No peeking! - We can not cheat by viewing our locations (eg. on this page from our iPhones etc) during this time. and we can not call each other until 6pm (unless there is an emergency).

No help from friends! - Our friends will NOT call us with or post each other's locations on our facebook pages.

The area limit - We must stay within 10km of Surfursparadise.

Transportation - We are limited to 3 cab fairs, we are otherwise not to use any motor vehicles.

Starting points - We will start at opposite beaches. Michael will be at Broadbeach and Anca will be at the Main Beach.

No Prior Plans - We can not discuss plans / strategies before the event begins.

The last minute clue - If we have not found eachother by 5pm sharp, we must call each other with one clue about where we are.

The fail-plan - If we have not found each-other by 6pm, we will call and meet somewhere to enjoy looking at the GPS tracks recorded, where our paths crossed and came close.

The maps:

The maps below should show our current position with a track showing our recent path. There is one map for each of us. Throughout the afternoon you can see if we are particularly close or at least heading in the right direction.
Note: The accuracy of the maps might not be closer than 5 - 20 meters at times.

Wish us luck :)

Please comment below when you notice anything interesting (eg we are really close, or heading away from eachother) between 1pm and when we meet. This way we can have fun reading it later.
We will post a comment on this page once we have found eachother.


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