Real Tours - Features & Benefits

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Features & Benefits of our products:

These virtual tours can do the following for our customers:

  • Feature - Gain extra exposure (For potential buyers and rental tenants): Help capture more potential buyers who otherwise might not have been interested in a property, by letting them experience the property internally (and externally) with the click of a button.
  • Benefit - More exposure equates to higher rent / sale price.


  • Feature - International sales: There are many international investors who buy in to new units or villas / town-houses for sale in a complex or residential tower upon release to the public. A virtual tour is likely to help more international sellers get to the point of bidding / buying as they are likely to be more confident after seeing the property they are about to purchase in such detail from different angles.
  • Benefit - More exposure equates to higher rent / sale price.


  • Feature - Holiday Rental presentation: Every resort with a number of similarly layed-out units should have a virtual tour. People overseas are used to just seeing a picture or two of the available room types. Why not let them tour the best parts of the resort as well as each type of room available and let them already feel like they are there on holidays? If one virtual tour needed to be purchased per room it would be too expensive, but to get just one virtual tour for each room TYPE, and perhaps one for each feature / attraction also, it is relatively in-expensive especially when considering the many years of value the resort can get from it.
  • Benefit – Reach more customers / close more holiday sales.


  • Feature – Superior Quality compared to existing products
  • Benefit – Effectiveness of exposure increased


  • Feature – Accessibility, available nation-wide
  • Benefit – Affordability, no charges to transport people for jobs as there is no need.


  • Feature – Network marketing features
  • Benefit – Viral marketing makes products more efficient, for free


  • Feature - Clearly marked package prices
  • Benefit – Hassle free, easy to understand offers

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