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Real T Explorer Target Market

Property Rental market:

  • Property managers of complexes or villas with multiple identical layouts
  • Property managers of High-rise residential towers with multiple identical unit layouts
  • Property managers of commercial space where there are multiple identical office layouts.
  • Holiday rental property managers.


Property Sale Market:

  • Agents selling identical properties within a complex of set of villas
  • Agents selling identical properties within a High-rise residential tower.
  • Agents selling identical properties within a Commercial building.

If any of the above property managers purchase just one virtual tour for one of their properties, they can use this virtual tour to showcase all of their identical properties like a display home or display unit. This may work out to be as little as $20 once off for each property in a 50 property complex with identical town-houses. This means that the people we are targeting do not need to justify purchasing this product for every property sale or rental lease, they can focus on the value for money over many years of re-using their virtual tour for all related identical properties.


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